Amidst the challenges of the situation, we are fortunate to receive a lot of love and support from your benefactors to maintain our lives. It’s a miracle that the more difficult times pile up, the more support we receive from your benefactors in one way or another. Mai Tam Shelter can exist and maintain to this day thanks to the efforts and support of many benefactors from all over the world. Your kindness has joined us in creating the future of mothers and children here. Mai Tam Shelter is always hoping for a better tomorrow for all the children and mothers living in this shelter. Hope it is the kindness and love of your benefactors to help them realize love and the value of life, to help them partially heal the wounds in their souls and make their lives more meaningful.


SPONSOR AND BUSINESS PARTNER​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Mai Tam welcomes all the companionship and sharing from your benefactors. Your support and cooperation motivates us to always be in love and responsibility so that children can always live in love and true to God given dignity.


Mai Tâm xin tri ân các bạn, quí ân nhân xa gần , đã và luôn là chỗ dựa cho những tâm hồn vốn đang mang rất nhiều thương tích của các em. Xin hãy tiếp tục lắng nghe các em qua vòng tay và tấm lòng của quí vị, giúp các em tự tin vươn lên trong cuộc sống và lắng nghe con tim của chính mình.

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To add a heart to a serving hand

During nearly 20 years of presence, Mai Tam has welcomed and in turn became a family of more than 150 mothers and children, which is a large number and has not stopped for a “family” to exist and develop. . Therefore, in order to overcome the initial difficulties and have the foundation as it is now, we believe in the loving support that the home has received from loving benefactors everywhere. . Mai Tam is always open to receive all the companions and shares from your benefactors. Your material gifts as well as your spiritual support have constantly motivated us to be more persistent in love and responsibility so that children can always live in love and live in accordance with their dignity as God-given people. .